Safety & Use


Make sure to wear a helmet at all times. This is purely for your own safety and benefit, which are our highest concerns


Limit your speed in a potentially unsafe environment. Try to also use bike lanes when available, and pay respect to both drivers and pedestrians.


Stay focused at all times, paying attention to cars, pedestrians and road signs. Keep in mind, as scooters are very quiet, people may not hear you.


Park the scooters in appropriate and conveniet locations. Making your and future users lives easier. Do not block pathways & road crossings.


To ride a GlideRide scooter, you must follow the rules and conditions below:

  1. Wear a helmet.
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Abide by all local traffic laws.
  4. Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times when riding.
  5. Stay focused at all times, paying attention to cars, pedestrians and road signs. Watch out for large vehicles, do not drive in blind spots and ride on the left side of the street as would a bicycle when not on a bike lane. Use the indicator signals on the left side of the handlebar, and stop at red traffic lights.
  6. You must not ride down steep hills, participate in any trick riding that would endanger you, the scooter and your surroundings.
  7. You must not be under the influence of alcohol.
  8. When you are riding, you are riding at your own risk.
  9. Only one rider at a time is allowed to ride the scooter.
  10. More importantly, please respect the scooter.

You can sign up within seconds:

  1. Download the GlideRide app in the Apple or Google Play Store
  2. Create an account with your phone number
  3. Add your credit card details
  4. You’re ready to Glide!

Find a GlideRide near you and scan the QR-Code or type-in the scooter ID to unlock. Remove the kickstand and place one foot on the footboard, hands on the handlebar and push-off with your foot 2-3 times to get rolling. Place both feet on the footboard when you’re ready to accelerate. Press down on the right throttle to gain speed. We suggest you not to press all the way down during your first ride.

Use the hand brake located on the left handlebar, like a bicycle brake!

If you have reached your destination and want to park your GlideRide, make sure that:

  • You are inside the operating zone.
  • Your parking does not block public pathways, public transportation stops, driveways or building entrances of any kind.
  • You do not park on private property or in backyards.

Park sensibly, push the kickstand down. Open up the app and tap ‘End Ride’. Make sure you ended your ride through the app otherwise you will continue to be charged.

No, you can only unlock and ride one scooter at a time per account.

You can Reserve a scooter by opening the app, clicking on a vehicle pin, and press the “Reserve” button. You will have the scooter reserved for 10 minutes.

Not instantly, you need to cancel your active reservation and then unlock the other vehicle.

During your ride, if you need to stop for any reason and don’t want to continue when you are done, you can open the app and press the pause ride button.

You can pause your ride for EUR: 0.05 per minute

If you are having issues with starting your rental, please go through the following steps to unlock your GLIDERIDE.

  1. Find, select and tap the scooter you want to unlock on the map. Tap on “Ride” to confirm.
  2. Is your scooter still locked? Make sure you unlocked the correct scooter by comparing the number on the QR-code on your scooter with the number in your app. If they are not the same, you might have unlocked another scooter nearby.
  3. To begin riding you’ll need to get your scooter rolling first. Place both hands on the handlebars at all times, push off with your foot 2-3 times to get moving and place both feet on the footboard when you’re ready to accelerate. Press down on the right throttle to gain speed.
  4. We suggest you not to press all the way down when riding for the first time.

Make sure you’re inside the operating zone. Our operating zone is marked on the map.

Rentals outside of the zone cannot be ended. You might also be unable to end your ride if you are trying to end your ride on the border. Please enter inside the operating zone and once you’ve found a suitable parking spot, open the app and tap “End Ride”.

Still facing issues? Please don’t worry. Simply contact us by using the email address you used to register with our app and include the scooter ID as well as the time you first tried to end your ride.

The price to ride includes an unlock/activation fee and a minute price.

EUR: 1.0 + 0.21

  • We automatically block your account due to unpaid bills. We kindly ask you to settle your credit and/or contact your bank.
  • Once complete, please contact us using the email registered to your GlideRide account to charge your credit card again. Once the payment is successful, you will be unblocked and able to ride again.

If you encounter any issues with a GlideRide vehicle that could affect your safety or ability to complete your ride, please stop riding it immediately and report the problem to our customer support team with your registered email and scooter ID. Our team will repair the vehicle as soon as possible.

Note that you will not be charged for the ride.

If you require immediate police or medical attention, please call the local emergency number 112

Once you and all involved parties are out of harm’s way, and the necessary authorities have been contacted, please call: +357 99 726200 to speak with a GlideRide representative.

Please note that this line is strictly for users who require safety-related assistance.

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